Small'n'nice bits. Getting momentum and form.

Published: Sunday, 25 June 2023

The better days, that's how I would name this period. Just because of very single reason being on table, i.e. when you look at something and feel you've got one more part of that puzzle set in place. Once you have couple of them this becomes gripping hence enforcing yourself to get more. That's a core principle currently how this thing moves on wards. I know you're are not part of it and sometimes it might be hard to relate, so I'll put a list you could follow up.

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Keep burning hours: fuel, suspension and all around

Published: Tuesday, 01 February 2022

So my life goes in garage where I continuously keep designing things. Or in others words dealing with circumstances in case something does not fit, which to be honest is almost a constant.
It happens so because everything I fit in this car it actually have not been there and probably shouldn't but then again.. hold my beer...

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Install of safety roll cage - full spec

Published: Thursday, 11 March 2021

Let's talk about safety :D Long time ago when this project has started it did not have crystal clear vision what it could turn into. At least there's one idea I was more than sure it will be accomplished and that is safety roll cage. I could not imagine how may you use this weak mk2 shell loaded with 7 times more power than it was designed for when left factory line, not talking about safety in case of accident.

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Burning hours on small things - cooling

Published: Saturday, 27 November 2021

You probably heard saying "Evil is in details" which is largely true and I would say this is completely true in perspective of time. Initially I faced how hours were burning massively on a shell restoration and now.. once engine is assembled fabrication of things around it are even more demanding.

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Engine inspection and some of renewal - 12v VR6

Published: Monday, 28 December 2020

The car has gone to have roll cage installedĀ but on this little bit later. Meanwhile I decided to have my hands on engine. As you know at the begging of this very long project intention was to swap it with 24V version. At the moment things have turned out differently and 12v version will be used instead. Don't ask why.. To start with I needed an engine transplant. For my needs it was enough to get any AAA 12v engine with out gearbox, no loom just a bare engine. So the cheapest VR6 found on ads will do the job!

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