Closer inspection on Syncro golf

Published: Friday, 21 March 2014

Hi all Golf enthusiasts,

This topic is aimed to look what did I find buying this golf. I'm starting to disassemble it bit by a bit. It's necessary to disassemble till plain shell as it's going to receive full additional shell stitching because it's well known issue for all mk2 Golfs. They all had a twisting body. When it got away from factory line it was such as I told, but after usage for almost 30 years it got even worse. It's possible to solve that and as an advantage I will have still very light weight car. That's a fact mk2's are known for also. Furthermore car will have interior repainted in Porsche Carrara white colour. As much white as a white can be. To reduce weight all brackets, rails, podiums needs to be removed as it won't have any function in it's upcoming way of existence. That's right this Syncro will be track spec car, but sadly road illegal (probably). It would be fun to kill some... faster cars. But long pathway ahead to try that.

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Welcome a newcomer - challenges ahead!

Published: Friday, 14 March 2014

2013 year. Deep blue 20vT is built (but still receiving minor upgrades) and appears on public roads starting in late spring and ending in late autumn. It was very important project to me in many aspects. But time passes by and you can't stand in the same place for all time. This newly brought car I hope will grant to me some more progress I can make. So, welcome a 1986 Golf mk2 8v Syncro.

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