Welding, assembling and bit of designing

Published: Sunday, 20 December 2020

Car is rolling on it's own wheels meanwhile I kept going further on suspension, drivetrain, braking system and so on. Even tough rear suspension part is assembled one of must have importance part was missing - rear camber/toe adjustment plates. You'll see!

Originally these are not available and is installed as non-OE part using Audi All-Road camber bolts.
Outer part:

Camber bolt in place:

Inner part:

Thereafter camber plates were welded on and painted I brought trailing arms back in place and attached onto car.

Not far from this also did some of fabrication. It's well known Syncro parts nowadays are difficult to obtain and especially propeller shaft bearings so I designed these for myself and some nice guys lathed them:

And bearing are ready to fit on standard Syncro center shaft part:

Front propeller shaft coupler which came from 4motion:

Rear part of propeller shaft (unmodified) including coupler:

And set of new bolts to assemble things:

Blanked shifter hole on tunnel:

Welded and smoothed:

I could run standard brake booster of course. But due to wish to have adjustable brake force balance front vs. rear I decided to install separate brake cylinders and leveler between them.

All combined into single box:

Combined with OE pedal box:

Pedal box is fabricated to accept hydro clutch master:

To be able to bolt on brake cylinders carrier box made some additional holes. For clutch master as well:

End result would look like more or less:

Fabricated new fuel tank straps as old ones had severe damage though endings of it were pretty ok:

By drilling off good bits and making replicas of damaged pieces made complete replacement part:

After sandblasted and powder coated looks really nice:


Front cross member and other parts around it were in best possible shape. The only problem those were not suitable to accommodate front mount intercooler and engine coolant radiator.

To make it happen it was necessary to add some brackets:

As mentioned earlier, parts obtained in very good condition meaning only renewal by powder coating is being required:

On a car:

All this struggle was inevitable because I wanted front grille to remain untouched like this:

For now it's enough, no point in writing really long texts, for a tease I'll disclose that next topic will be about engine inspection and rebuild and few other important bits.

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