Install of safety roll cage - full spec

Published: Thursday, 11 March 2021

Let's talk about safety :D Long time ago when this project has started it did not have crystal clear vision what it could turn into. At least there's one idea I was more than sure it will be accomplished and that is safety roll cage. I could not imagine how may you use this weak mk2 shell loaded with 7 times more power than it was designed for when left factory line, not talking about safety in case of accident.

Before having a roll cage long long time ago I've had all seams welded additionally and protected from environment. Long story short a shell has been restored to be in perfect shape because it just couldn't be this way because a car being made in 1986. Moreover I find it painful to hear saying "because a race car" as it's a weak excuse to compromise on just poorly built thing. Not acceptable in my world. I wanted to have it well built, decently packed with interior parts and at the same time having all the security equipment blended in seamlessly. To make it happen I needed to do serious preparation, thinking and designing on how it could set up not just because I know things but on the contrary I could find it easy to explain my wishes to roll cage fabricator and only after that he could suggest something tangible based on his own practice. I tried to analyse other people mistakes as well to lessen my own ones. To start from I brought all components into: dashboard, HVAC unit, door cards, various handles, bucket seat, steering column and so on.


Eventually I left car in roll cage workshop and went to work on engine build. After sometime I got call that everything is more or less finished you may come and get it back. I went there with enormous excitement because this part of car was very important for me. And finally it's here!

Just look at these bended gussets surprised

And here:

Welds everywhere gonna be like


And one more thing I'm really stunned by - dash bar is hidden here. It allows me to fit OE dashboard like nothing happened around here:

Seat and sitting position:

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