Welcome a newcomer - challenges ahead!

Published: Friday, 14 March 2014

2013 year. Deep blue 20vT is built (but still receiving minor upgrades) and appears on public roads starting in late spring and ending in late autumn. It was very important project to me in many aspects. But time passes by and you can't stand in the same place for all time. This newly brought car I hope will grant to me some more progress I can make. So, welcome a 1986 Golf mk2 8v Syncro.

It took almost a half of year to get it. During time period I mentioned only 4 or 5 of Syncros appeared in Lithuanian ads to be sold. In most cases inadequate prices were asked for them, but every of them was sack of rust, ruined and destroyed in all of the meanings. I was aiming to find it in condition which would be acceptable. I even did not have a hope to get it in perfect condition. Golf fans may be aware how many syncros have been made. If you don't know I'll tell you. Only more than 40 grand of them got from line. That's including all of the simple golf syncro of second generation, rallyes and countries. I said "only" because golfs of second generation in all of the world market are available more than 6 million. That's because Syncros were expensive comparing to model with front wheel drive at about 30%. So enough of words, pictures will tell a way more.

Some groundbreaking "hydraulics" to keep trunk opened. But notice higher trunk floor..

What a serious power plant! Enormous 66kW under bonnet. Will spin the Earth! But didn't find any rust on most imporant spots - good news.

Chassing some rust. Please expose yourself!

There are some of rust as you can, but no holes

One hole can be seen on the left

And a deeper inspection. That's only place I found holes in floor section.

Will make soon a closer look at car and find what surprises are waiting underneath..

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