About 20vt.lt

are you reading this text ? if yes - you are an automotive enthusiast. probably. in case of “no” just close browser and jump on for some kind of daily news stream.

all others interested in automotive scene, let me welcome you to 20vt.lt

that’s not a company, nor a car service garage. it’s a tribute to amateur car building idea. i know it’s not so popular even among people who consider themselves as an automotive enthusiasts. there are many reasons for it to be unpopular, starting from time and money consumption, ending with sustained search of information and knowledge enrichment. i must reveal that a pursuit of deeper knowledge is my aim. the reason to start this website also.

as you have noticed images on page content, my journey has started from very frequent car found on our roads – volkswagen golf of a second generation. by the way i have said to myself a thousand times i will never ever own a Golf. as lot of people says “you never know”, but likely i did not. so in my university studies period the early mark2 Golf, a genuine GTI valver, got in my hands. i bought that car instantly after test drive as liked the way it rode: light chassis, quite sensitive, even aggressive on some aspects. but still i don’t know why i even choose to try it. a destiny so to say.

there is a mind in my head and always been that my car lacks power. because of this “illness” i have started my first engine swap and other upgrades to my Golf. the first project is finished and appears on public roads being a daily commuter. after this car done, i thought that it was insufficient in challenges so started more serious conversion – vw Golf mk2 4motion vr6 24v

a Golf ? again ? somebody may say.

yes, another one. to be honest i liked high VAG interchangeability level as it makes you able to build relatively fast car using oe parts. but i think this Golf is going to be the last one as i’m more interested in custom builds. i hope i shall be able to build something like tubular v8 powered beast. someday.. you never know!

have a nice visit and open it sometimes as it's going to be updated not that much, but i'll do my best, to keep content top quality.

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