Definitive Syncro to Haldex gen1 conversion how-to

Hello guys!

Topic is about Syncro-to-Haldex conversion. Preeminently what I faced it was lack of information over internets on how it's made starting from what it consists of, what parts are necessary, where to get them and so on. I remember my path throughout and can't say it was beeline so for the same reason will try best possible in order to bring you to tangible result as straight as possible. But.. In any case you won't get off lightly!

Salvation from chassis restoration hell - car rotisserie

Few years ago I did some preservation duties (and some restoration also) for my blue mk2 20vt. Most of time I spent being under it and doing some repair underneath. Those days I thought I got to never ending nightmare and even minor tasks as brushing, painting, coating seemed to be like a curse.