Tornado Red a bit more Tornado pt. 3

Hi lads!

One more weekend day spent to make this mk6 GTI a bit faster. This time new solid engine mounts and S3 8P FMIC came in. Engine mounts as mentioned are solid ones which will replace OE oil filled mounts. Mounts are supplied from well known company in VAG scene called 034 Motorsport while intercooler will be used as OE retrofit part.

mk6 Golf kickin daily pt.2

As promised I'm gonna continue story telling about this amazing Tornado Red GTI.

The car was bought with intention to use it daily. It is actually, but we can not live with that being stock. You'd better have something taking your ass from place to place daily. What's important keep doing it with attitude!

mk6 Golf kickin daily pt.1

Hi all!

No posts have been added in for a quite long period of time. I do apologise about that for sure. To compensate it, this time I'll start from... something completely new. Naturally it's about Golfs, but this time a topic is not about Golf of mine. By the way these are not forgotten as well.