5x100 VR6 widetrack conversion

Hello all!

Quite a long period of time is in the past since the last topic. Now it's summer and liar of damned Golfs is not so busy, but steadily moving forward. Ofcourse the main subject of 20vt.lt is a Syncro mk2 and will stay at least two upcoming years, but I can't forget my blue 20vT surely. About a year ago I started to gather all of the requisite parts to convert PCD from 4x100 to 5x100. Talking of it, transition to 5x100 is only a visual distinction when finished, but actually it brings some extras more..

Final touches to my mk2 before it appears on road

Time has come to sort all the niggles over. Those details require tons of time to spend, but as everyone know these details determines the picture it's going to be good or poor. So I did spend that time and made my attempt to make everything as good as I was able with my existing knowledge at that moment.

Let the swap begin!

A donor car is found and brought to my garage! It is a 1998 8L Audi A3 1.8T with engine coded AGU. It has manual 5speed gearbox and only 166 000km on clocks.

It's clearly visible that before accident the car was in perfect condition.