Wheel restoration @ 20vt.lt

BBS RN cosmetic renewal

One more set got in my garage. These are seen quite often being in R15 as standard mk3 VR6 wheels. But.. set that arrived is R16 7.5J et35. The first idea in my head was.. "These would fit great on my blue mk2". So.. Why not? Moreover I'm planning 5x100 conversion to my 20vT. These exactly are 5x100 PCD.

Using single bolt I fitted them on my mk2, just to check how it matches.

And the offset looks like this. I think it suits very good.

Let's begin a renewal process. Wheels had some twist, but after light straightening these were straight as chord. It had some curbings but no dents. 

Have filled these curbings with light aluminum putty layer.

Using sandpaper excess of putty was removed. Also using sandpaper all of the surfaces were napped to accept new layer of paint.

Wheels had factory powdercoating. It's the reason why I did not prime them or even sandblasted. This powdercoat is very durable and worth to remain.

After napping them I put first layers of paint and hour later - lacquer.

I will use 195/45 R16 tyres as previous 225/40 R16 were a bit to wide. Center caps available also.

To my mind fitment is perfect. Can't wait a summer to use these wheels!

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