Wheel restoration @ 20vt.lt

ATS DTC wheel renewal


This time I'm going to restore lightweight ATS DTC racing rims. These I got in good condition, except that they were spray-bombed to change color from silver to black. Quite a lame decision to choose black color which masks wheel design. You can do it for any other ugly looking rim but not DTC's which are not only created for race purpose, but to look great as well. Bearing in mind wheel is CAST it's very light, only 6,6 kg per unit. Of course there are way lighter R17 wheels on market but probably not at this price margin.

BBS RN cosmetic renewal

One more set got in my garage. These are seen quite often being in R15 as standard mk3 VR6 wheels. But.. set that arrived is R16 7.5J et35. The first idea in my head was.. "These would fit great on my blue mk2". So.. Why not? Moreover I'm planning 5x100 conversion to my 20vT. These exactly are 5x100 PCD.