Haldex fabrication. Collecting, modifying and restoring parts

One day I just looked at my Haldex conversion project standing in my yard for... almost two years. Since then body was left to stand so and not touched during this period. 

However in other aspects it was progressing albeit slowly but consistently. Before leaving it to stand and eventually get to top in my own priority list it had seam sealant added on stitching places as those are welded and weaker against corrosion. I did not want to leave these bare for all the seasons outside. 

Cut. Weld. Sleep. Part #2

Quite a long period of time is behind since last topic posted. Previously I did show some of initial progress on shell restoration where I cut out sideskirts and welded in new ones. Removed interior sound deadening, unnecessary brackets, started shell stitiching to improve it's stiffness.

Cut. Weld. Sleep. Part #1


As you remember (or not) in earlier topic I did show you few engine pics and bodykit teaser. You probably have noticed that in these pics shell's almost plain as car's disassembled now. After inspection it's time to take actions and get body to mint condition as there are some issues which interfere with word "mint".

New power plant VR6 24V and some toys


I think time has come to reveal more details on this project. And pictures too.

So, few months after since I got that syncro I bought engine with gearbox, gear shifting mechanism, wiring loom (no ECU) and complete shortest passengers side halfaxle. Engine had Air pump, PAS, alternator, starter motor, A/C pump, intake and exhaust manifolds. As far as I'm aware, whole swap came from '00 mk4 Golf 4motion which was wrecked after car accident. Ofcourse, like all AUE engine's equipped with 4motion system, gearbox is 02M type which has 6 gears and transfer box attached. 

Closer inspection on Syncro golf

Hi all Golf enthusiasts,

This topic is aimed to look what did I find buying this golf. I'm starting to disassemble it bit by a bit. It's necessary to disassemble till plain shell as it's going to receive full additional shell stitching because it's well known issue for all mk2 Golfs. They all had a twisting body. When it got away from factory line it was such as I told, but after usage for almost 30 years it got even worse. It's possible to solve that and as an advantage I will have still very light weight car. That's a fact mk2's are known for also. Furthermore car will have interior repainted in Porsche Carrara white colour. As much white as a white can be. To reduce weight all brackets, rails, podiums needs to be removed as it won't have any function in it's upcoming way of existence. That's right this Syncro will be track spec car, but sadly road illegal (probably). It would be fun to kill some... faster cars. But long pathway ahead to try that.